Monday, December 11, 2006

Lightning fast

I had a record-fast 32-week appointment today. From the time I sat down on the table until I checked out and set up my next appointment was approximately five minutes. In and out--I'm making it too easy on the doc! I need to make sure he earns his salary next time. So, nothing of interest to note, really. Did the urine test, blood pressure, was measured, had a doppler check--the usual. He asked if we'd chosen a pediatrician, and I told him who we picked. He said he liked that group and he thinks I'll be very happy with them. I set up my next appointment, which will be on the 27th since they're closed on the 25th when it should be.

I did notice something funny in the exam room I was in (I think it was my first time in this particular room). Someone had put some cartoons on the ceiling, so that when you laid back on the table, you had something to read! I was pretty amused by that.

What I wasn't amused by, however, was shopping for jeans this afternoon. I'm going to outgrow my favorite non-panel under-belly jeans soon (though they're going to have to pry them out of my hands!), so I probably need to move to pants with some kind of panel. Unfortunately, I've hated pretty much every pair of panel jeans I've put on, no matter what kind of panel they have. Hate them. And, if they're fine for when I'm standing up, then they feel AWFUL when I sit down (the part where the jeans meets the panel between my belly button and the crotch just digs into me and isn't comfortable at all, or the waistband in the back gaps too much, or the pants ride down too much in the back and my butt crack is exposed). And it doesn't help that I'm already at XL pants (I've got birthin' hips, remember), and I've tried on some 1X pants, but then they swallow me because they're cut so much different (and a lot bigger than the equivalent of just one size up). I finally found one pair of jeans at Motherhood Maternity that I didn't absolutely hate (and, they were under $20, so even better), so I got those, and I'm hoping they last me the next couple of months (they do have room to grow, so that's realistic). Thankfully my non-panel khaki pants are still plenty roomy and should last me a while. Just eight more weeks to put up with that (whoa, just eight more weeks?!).


At December 11, 2006 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The time is just flying by. She is going to be here soon!!



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