Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sucky co-workers, part two

Oh, you're gonna love this one.

So, Proofreader #1 is the one that I hadn't had as much trouble with, but that's not the case anymore.

The background on this story is that Proofreader #1 sits next to Proofreader #3, and #1 is bothered by many of the things that #3 does...she clips her nails at her desk, eats loudly, takes her shoes off, pops her gum, etc. Granted, it is annoying.

So, Proofreader #1 and I were chatting on Friday, and she made some kind of comment about planning to sit at my desk while I'm gone on maternity leave. I have a problem with that--not because I have anything to hide, but I have things where I want them, and I don't want people to mess them up--but then I realized there are a few programs that I have on my computer that might be useful for her to have access to in my absence, so I thought that maybe that might work out okay. So, I didn't really say much when she mentioned it then.

But then later on, she made a comment about having our computer guy MOVE HER COMPUTER TO MY SPOT AND MOVE MY COMPUTER ELSEWHERE when I'm gone. All so she can sit 15 feet farther away from Proofreader #3. I was truly stunned and didn't really say anything to her then (because then I look like a huge bitch if I say no, even though I WILL find a way to make sure this does NOT happen, but I have to do my best to keep the peace here, so I couldn't just explode like I wanted to).

Even later in the day, I made a comment about not being able to hear over the personal fan that I have in my cubicle (that I have to run because it's so freaking hot in here), and she actually said, "Yeah, I can't wait until I get to use that." *blink, blink*

I think what stuns me the most is that she NEVER ASKED ME if any of this is okay. I'm likely to return on what is one of our busiest days of the year, and I can't waste time trying to find my crap on my desk--or worse, returning to my computer that they forgot to hook back up (I'll be returning on a Sunday, so our computer guy won't be here to help if that's the case).

I really have no official authority over these part-time proofreaders I work with, so I have to go above me in order to take care of this. My first plan of attack is with my supervisor, who is definitely going to understand me not wanting anyone at my desk, as he's very much the everything-has-to-be-at-a-right-angle-on-his-desk type of person. A second plan of attack is to brief our computer guy on the situation so he'll be unlikely to move the computers (twice, and unnecessarily!) in case she goes directly to him to ask about it.

I swear, I can't wait to be at home to take care of the baby there so I can escape the babies I have to deal with at work. You'd think I worked with middle-schoolers, not women who are significantly older than I am and should know better.


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