Thursday, November 30, 2006


To all those who endured the last months of your pregnancy in the hot summer months, kudos to you.

My office building is one of those where if you walk five feet, you can experience a variation of 20 degrees, easily. My desk is situated in a spot that I swear receives the most heat in the whole building, yet you walk ten feet away and the people there are freezing. This is nothing new, and it really limits my ability to, say, wear sweaters in the wintertime, no matter how cold it is outside, because once I'm in the office at my desk, I'm burning up. The change of seasons is perhaps the worst parts of the year because the heating/cooling system can't keep up with swift changes in temperature outside, so apparently it freaks out and superheats the office. It's not unusual for me to have my personal fan blowing on high, even during the winter here. None of this is pregnancy-related.

But add a third-trimester pregnancy on top of all that? Yeah, it's a challenge to sit here at work enduring the heat. It's been in the 70s outside for a week or so (very pleasant for late November), and a big cold front is supposed to come through tonight and cool things off dramatically--and I can't wait! Maybe then I won't be nearly as hot sitting here at work.


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