Saturday, December 02, 2006

Register this

We'd started a registry online at Babies R Us a few weeks ago for the big stuff, then went to the store yesterday to add a lot of the smaller stuff that isn't available online. When we took our scanner back and they were uploading it, something happened that it uploaded someone else's registry items into our registry--but not OUR items. So, we had to sit there for 30+ minutes while they talked on the phone with tech support to try and straighten this out. I had visions of storming out in a frustrated rage if our items were lost and we had to start over from scratch, but thankfully they were able to retrieve our items, so no worries there. When I got home last night, I checked our registry online and everything looked good.

Well, I went to check it today (actually, I was going to add stuff, I wasn't really checking it since I thought it was fine) and discovered that that other person's registry items were on our registry (in addition to all of our stuff, thankfully, even the stuff we added last night). I swear these people had a HUGE registry, and I 25 minutes going through and deleting all of their stuff out of ours (according to what BRU said, their registry should be just duplicated into ours). For the pictured online items, that wasn't too hard, but that was HARD for the in-store-only stuff that's not pictured and has vague descriptions. Thankfully it seems like the other couple is having a boy, so if the description said "boy," "blue," or "sports," chances were pretty good it wasn't ours. Still, pretty frustrating and quite a time-waster overall between last night and today.


At December 02, 2006 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Registering for baby wasn't nearly as fun as creating a wedding registry. However, it seems you weren't as overwhelmed in the store as we were. Especially because they carry so much stuff you don't really need.

I hope you get lots of good stuff!!

At December 04, 2006 1:11 PM, Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

When we registered at Target for our wedding, they forgot to "check in" the scanner when we returned it. The next person was registering (so they thought) for a baby.

My mom called us about 2 weeks after we registered, saying, "you need to get that stuff off of of your registry. People are going to think you're pregnant!"

Imagine the irony, 6 years later, we're IF!

I'm glad you got your situation straightened out - but what a pain.


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