Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is that mush, or just my brain?

I never really understood "pregnancy brain" before it hit me firsthand, but I've suddenly come to understand it in the past few weeks. I've always had a good memory, and I pride myself on not being a ditz, but all that seems to be out the window these days. Just some of the many examples that stand out:

*I'd recently checked the flavor of the day menu at Culver's, and I thought tonight was when cinnamon apple crisp was going to be available. So, we made a special trip to Culver's so I could indulge in this tasty treat, but when we got there, the marquee listed the flavor as black forest. I was confused at first, not sure why my apple pie-like custard wasn't available as it should have been, but then I started dying laughing at myself. Cinnamon apple crisp will be next Friday--the 15th--not today. I mixed up my Fridays. I laughed about that one for a good ten minutes.

*A few months ago, I'd bought a pack of safety pins so I could pin the gaps between buttons on my button-up shirts as my boobs grow bigger. Well, for the past month or so, I'd been looking for the box of safety pins, which I thought was in my top bathroom drawer. There wasn't really any other place I would have put it, but I still looked everywhere. I didn't look every day, but probably two or three times a week. I finally found them on Thursday. Know where they were? The top drawer in my bathroom, just where they should've been. This drawer is NOT full, so I have no idea how I missed them all those times I looked in there.

*Several times at work I've made a notation in a story (I'm a copy editor) to add something into a sentence, but I've forgotten to add it in.

*Last week, I was putting on my tennis shoes to take the dog for a walk. I grabbed the shoes and the pair of socks and sat down at my computer desk to put them on. I had the first sock and shoe on, and I looked everywhere for my second sock. I knew I'd brought it in with me, and I hadn't gotten up, so it had to be there. Know where it was? I'd already put it on my other foot. All I had to do was put on my remaining shoe.

*At work, we have doors that lock magnetically, so there's a pushpad to the right of the door that you have to touch in order to disengage the magnets and open the door. We've been in this building for almost 3 1/2 years, and these doors have always been like this. Yet, a couple days ago, I looked at the pushpad and apparently didn't feel the need to actually touch it, but instead I put most of my body weight into pushing the door open, but without any luck because of course I hadn't released the magnetic lock.

*Remember my toe incident earlier this week? Yeah, add that to the list. (Though, in fairness to myself, that happened when I was barely awake, so it could have feasibly happened anytime, not just from having pregnant brain.)

My brain is disintegrating before my very eyes! Eeek! No wonder kids think their parents are dumb...pregnancy brain is to blame!


At December 11, 2006 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To this day, My husband blames my mistakes on pregger brain. He says I lost it and it never came back.



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