Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hee hee hoo (also known as childbirth class)

So last night we had our first childbirth class, Comfort Measures, which focused on breathing and relaxation for labor. I'm not sure it'll be all that useful to me throughout all of labor since I still intend to go the epidural route, but I know it's stuff that'll be helpful in the early stages (especially when I'm still laboring at home) and just in case something happens that stuff progresses so fast that I miss my epidural window (for whatever reason). I don't think the class was a waste of time, but I also don't feel like I gained all that much from it, either, since I'm pretty well-read on so many of these subjects already. Still, I'm glad we attended. Something interesting from the class...of about 25 couples there, one was having a surprise, two were having boys, and everyone else was expecting a girl! How funny is that?

Next up is "The Art of Breastfeeding" on Sunday afternoon. I've been well-warned that many of the lactation consultants that teach this kind of class can be of the "if you don't breastfeed your baby, you're abusing it!" mentality, so I'm going into it with that in mind. Hopefully there will be something helpful to come out of it, though. And, if not, at least it was a free class and a day off work!


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