Friday, December 08, 2006

The wittle-bittle baby (and WHACK)

Last night I went to visit one of my close friends from college who just had a baby on November 27. I'll be honest: until last night, I'd never held a newborn baby before, and I was a little afraid I was going to hurt him (especially because of how clumsy I've been lately). I was also a little afraid of not being able to comfort him if he started crying, then everyone else there (a few other visiting college friends) would wonder about my ability to soothe my own child. Thankfully he was just ten days old, so still in the stage that crying means he either needs food or a diaper change, so I could just hand him off to Momma when he started crying. I did pretty well with holding him; I didn't break his floppy neck or anything! He was really sweet and so good for almost the entire three hours we were over there. Again, the only times he cried were for a diaper change and when he wanted to be fed. Otherwise, he was such a doll to be around. The Husband and I are going back to visit next Thursday to give him a chance to meet the little one.

Visiting this friend was a good chance to get the scoop on a lot of labor/birth related things (especially as it relates specifically to that hospital's policies, which you can't really learn much about unless you know someone who delivered there). And, for better or worse, I had confirmed my possibly irrational fear that the IV is going to be worse than the epidural.

Got a little surprise when I was over there, though thankfully it didn't happen when I was holding the baby. I was in the middle of talking when--WHACK--I got my first thump in the ribs, which took my breath away, mostly because I wasn't expecting it there. This is significant because so far I've only felt movement below my belly button, which means she's probably still breech. But a kick up high like that is a good sign that maybe she's turned (either that, or she's going to be an all-star boxer with hand punches like that). At this point, it's okay if she's still breech, but the sooner she turns for good, the better.


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