Friday, August 17, 2007

Nesting dolls

This is an excerpt from Luscious Lemon, by Heather Swain. The "you" referred to below is a ten-week-old embryo that's growing inside the main character.

You are a girl, as your mother has suspected. Not that anyone can tell yet. But deep inside it's been determined, and you already carry the eggs of another generation, making your mother a temporary nesting doll, carrying her future grandchildren. Your grandmother carried half of your genetic material for a short time. Do you remember? Your mother is bookended by the two of you. Mother, daughter. She is forever both now.


I love this passage and wish I'd read it when I was still pregnant with Baby B. The thought of me carrying both my child and half of my future grandchildren is a concept that's so simple, yet it's quite profound. It nearly gives me chills.


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