Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sticking out

I had a couple of comments/questions about Baby B sticking her arms and legs through her crib slats on a previous post, so I figured I'd answer that since I don't have much energy to write a real post, as the past two nights have been spent cleaning the house after Baby B went to bed in preparation for The In-Laws' visit this weekend (this is The Husband's dad, stepmom, and grandmother).

So, appendages through the slats. She did this several times, mostly with her legs (though her upper thighs are big, so they could only go so far), and got them wedged in there at an angle that made it impossible for her to get it out by herself. I don't think she was ever in any genuine pain from it, but each time she did it, she had a different cry that made me know what she'd done before I even entered the room. I was correct every time I suspected it, just based on this altered cry. So far the bumpers seem to be doing their job and we haven't had any cries of "Hey, mom, I got my leg stuck again!" in the past few days.


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