Friday, August 10, 2007

Guest Post: Midget rasslin'

Most days, when Baby B arrives at her daycare, one of her "baby friends" is also one of the early arrivals. "Baby M" is slightly older than Baby B, to the point that she is crawling around, but not yet walking. We joke that they're best friends, but now that Baby M is mobile she's showing plenty of real interest in Baby B.

When Baby B gets down on the play mat, Baby M quickly crawls over to her and touches her toes or hair, or tries to steal away a toy, and Baby B just loves the attention. She smiles and coos and laughs, and grabs back at Baby M. Sometimes they get so tangled up, it looks like a baby wrestling match! It's really sweet seeing them interact, without any grown-up encouragement or interference. It's a small step, but one more that highlights how fast Baby B is growing up.

And who knows? Maybe Baby M will get her up and crawling sooner!

(Expect more contributions from Baby B's dad in the future!)


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