Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The mom un-haircut

It happens all the time...a woman has a baby, then soon after heads to the salon to get her "mom haircut" to signify the beginning of a new era; it almost seems like it's a required task in order to get your mom license. (It's that and buy mom jeans, I think.)

But is there such thing as a mom un-haircut?

I last got my hair cut two weeks before Baby B was born. At first, I didn't go get it cut again because I didn't have a lot of time to spare. Then it just became a matter of my hair not really bugging me all that much, as that tends to be when I know it's time to get it cut...when it starts to annoy me and starts misbehaving. So far it just hasn't reached that point. Either that, or I just have too many other things to deal with right now to notice that my hair is bugging me.

In either case, the point is that my hair is getting long--the longest it's been in years (I generally keep it just above my chin in a bob style, and it's well below my shoulders now). I think I'm close to getting it cut, though. I've had several people comment on my hair being long recently...but it's not really been followed by "I like it" or "you should keep it like that" or anything like that. The Husband likes it when my hair is longer, so he was of course disappointed to hear that I'm thinking about getting it cut soon. However, getting it cut does not mean a special mom cut for me...just the usual chin-length bob. There's no rush on the mom haircut, anyway, since I don't have any mom jeans in my closet.


UPDATE: Night 2 of rice cereal went even better than the first. I'd say I ended up making about twice as much, just a little thicker than last night's concoction, and she finished every bit of it. She's funny because in between bites, she'll make this low grunting sound that you might think means she isn't enjoying herself, but it's only because she wants us to give her the next bite faster! Once the spoon reaches her mouth, she loves it, then she gets a little frustrated again that her next bite isn't at the ready. It's so funny to see this new side of her through this experience. Hopefully she tones down the grunting eventually because otherwise restaurant experiences are going to be quite attention-grabbing. I can already tell that bath night will be an every night event very soon. Right now we do it just every other night, but with food ending up in places you'd never imagine, I think a bath will be incorporated into the nightly routine.


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