Saturday, July 14, 2007

How she tricked us into two baths in one night

Poor Baby B! She started with a slight cough late on Thursday night, which continued into Friday. She was still acting normal, so we were hoping it would just go away. During her bath on Friday night, I noticed some slight congestion in her chest, but she still didn't seem bothered by it. I cranked up her humidifier and gave her some medicine to take care of the cough before bedtime on Friday night.

Unfortunately, she woke up today with a very congested chest, a cough, and an occasional fever. She had a runny nose a couple times during the day (literally I had to use just two tissues), but most of it seems to be in her chest. She wasn't acting like she was miserable, but you could just tell she wasn't feeling like her usual self. We did the 6 p.m. nursing session just fine, and she got her last bottle of the night with combined milk and formula. However, that bottle (and more!) came up when she was on the changing table for what was supposed to be the last time of the night, right after she'd gotten a dose of the cold medicine, which I guess didn't sit well on her tummy. She threw up all over herself, repeatedly, so we had to give her a second bath to get her cleaned up.

Since she had nothing on her tummy anymore, I went ahead and nursed her again, and we finally got her to bed just after 9, about an hour late. She went to sleep immediately. She seems to be sleeping okay so far, so I hope that'll keep up through the night. I've been trying to wake her up at her usual time on the weekends so we keep a consistent schedule, but I'll probably let her sleep as long as she needs to tomorrow so she hopefully feels better. I'll call the doctor on Monday if she's not improving, but keep your fingers crossed that she kicks this quickly.


At July 15, 2007 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh the poor sweetie! Hopefully this will start to clear up and she won't have to go to the doctor. I always had to be careful about cold meds for my kids a lot of them always came back up on them (and me) too. Crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery!


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