Monday, July 02, 2007

Tummy time, nighttime version

So it looks like Baby B has discovered the joys of sleeping on her tummy. I've found her sleeping on her stomach when I woke her up the past two mornings, and I've had to flip her a couple times before I've gone to bed. I know most experts say that stomach sleeping is okay if they flip themselves to that position because that usually means they're able to turn themselves if there's a problem. Still, I can't help but be a little nervous about it since all the research points to sleeping on the back as being the most safe. I can't blame the girl, though; I can't stand sleeping on my back and find myself much more comfortable on my side or stomach.


At July 02, 2007 10:29 AM, Blogger Alli said...

I'm with B. Well, except for the fact that I'm 38 weeks pregnant. LOL.

That is a tough one. I remember flipping Big in the middle of the night and then checking on him several times after he started moving around. And then he'd be in the corner all pressed up against the side of the crib! It used to freak me out!


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