Friday, June 22, 2007

This is the kind of publicity—your name in print—that makes people!

Back in January, we agreed to let our newspaper print Baby B's birth announcement so we could put it in her baby book. When there was a notice in our company newsletter a few months later to send in birth annoucements to be published, I submitted Baby B's information, and it was printed along with a picture of the two of us in the June edition.

But look out, folks, because Baby B has made the big-time now. I copy-edit a 1,000-page almanac every year, and her birth was announced and she was mentioned by name in the foreword, which was written by our editorial director to thank everyone who worked hard on the almanac. Of course, I'm convinced that there are only about three readers of our almanac (and I'm one of them because I have to be), but hey, it's a real book that's in real bookstores! Fame and glory before she's five months old. If only riches came along with it!

Oh yeah, and speaking of copy editing and babies, that reminds me of something I've been meaning to mention here. One of the great bibs we have says, "More like Mommy everyday." I've come close to stashing the bib in the back of the drawer because "everyday" in this case should actually be two words: every day. Not everyday. A small point, yes, but for a copy editor, it's quite annoying. Anyone else get the irony of a baby wearing a grammatically incorrect bib that says she's more like Mommy every day when her mom is a copy editor?


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