Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Missing kissing

I ended up feeling the beginnings of a head cold on Sunday night, started feeling it more on Monday, then it hit full force on early on Tuesday morning. The sinus pressure, sneezing, and general icky feeling were bad enough that I probably would have stayed home from work (a rare thing for me), but unfortunately I had to be in the office to finish a project by deadline...on just one hour of sleep (if that), it turned out. I was told by a couple different people that I looked like crap (no offense taken...I really did!), and I felt horrible. Tuesday night at home is kind of a blur because I was so out of it; it's a good thing we have a regular evening routine, because all I was doing was going through the motions between blowing my nose. I got much better sleep last night and still feel kind of crummy today, but much better in comparison to yesterday. The Husband woke up this morning with a head cold, as well, and ended up taking the day off work so he didn't infect co-workers. Hopefully his symptoms will be less miserable tomorrow. I figure as long as Baby B doesn't end up getting sick, then I'll put up with a quick cold.

But you know what's really sucked about having a cold? I can't kiss my sweet girl nearly as much as I want to. I kiss her all the time, but I've had to be more conservative with it over the past couple days. I've been thinking recently that I cannot wait until the time comes when she kisses me back on her own. I'll be completely wrapped around her little finger when that day comes.


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