Monday, June 11, 2007

Zoinks! The case of the phantom dirty diaper

Here's a case that not even Shaggy and Scooby would be able to solve.

Picture it: You're sitting in the recliner with your adorable infant, either letting her relax or doing something to entertain her (it doesn't matter which). All of a sudden, the airflow shifts just enough that you catch the scent of something foul, and you quickly remember all of the butt sounds you'd recently heard. The smell is faint at first, but then becomes unmistakeable in nature--something that rancid could come only from a baby's butt. All activity (or non-activity) ceases, and a quick break is made for the changing table to remedy the situation. The baby kicks happily as you detach the diaper tabs and prepare for the horror that awaits down below. You pull the front of the diaper down and there it is...


It's another case of THE PHANTOM DIAPER!

There's not a bit of dirtiness in the vicinity of the diaper. The smell sometimes lingers, but not always. You start to question why you even thought there could possibly be a dirty diaper in the first place, yet you were so sure of it at the time. There is no explanation, so you must chalk it up to yet another case of the phantom dirty diaper!


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