Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rubber ducky, you're the one

Baby B is so fun to watch in the bath now. We still have her in her infant tub, but we've got it in our regular bathtub now so she can splash as much as she wants without getting the kitchen counter soaked. We've got a rubber duck that tells us whether her bath water is too hot, and it also works well as a bath toy. (Note to self: Must buy more bath toys now that she's taking an interest in them.) I place it in the water at Baby B's feet and she kicks her feet wildly to draw the duck near, batting at it until she's got it within reach, then she grabs it with her hands (and of course puts it in her mouth). The first couple times she did this, I thought it was a fluke that she was making it look like she was purposely kicking at the duck to bring it closer but it was really just a coincidence. However, after doing it several times in a row and on different days, it's clear that's exactly what she's doing. It's actually kind of amazing to watch her and see that she's figured out how this works.


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