Friday, June 29, 2007

She's too sexy for her clothes

My baby's a stripper at the age of five months. Okay, she doesn't take off her own clothes (yet)--and it's certainly not for money--but she's clearly much happier when she's completely, 100% buck naked. Clothes just don't cut it for her, I guess; she prefers to flaunt what she's got to anyone within sight of her changing table. She's going to be that four-year-old who runs out into the front yard without a thread of clothing on, isn't she?

Anyway, this latest amusement of hers cracks me up even more because she'll almost always reach down and pinch the fat on her inner thighs, which seems to make her even happier. I lean down and tell her that it's possible it's just baby fat and will go away eventually, but there's a very good chance she's inherited her mother's unslim thighs, and I apologize profusely for both that and the wide hips that it's almost certain I've passed along. Hopefully I've passed along a few good traits to make up for ones like these.


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