Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Diaper direction

I have to confess something a little funny here, which I may have mentioned briefly before, but I'll go into it more now.

I have trouble changing Baby B's diapers and clothes when she's facing left to right (or right to left) horizontally in front of me. For optimum changing conditions, she needs to be facing me vertically, with her head at the top and her feet near my legs.

I'm sure if I practiced changing her sideways, I'd get the hang of it in no time, but we decided not to get a standard changing table for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that her nursery is pretty small, and I preferred to keep our futon in there instead of putting in a changing table. So far I have not missed having a regular changing table, as we've used the changing table attachment on the Pack N Play--on which you place the baby vertically. She's about to reach the weight limit of that, and we'll start using a contoured changing pad on the futon in her room once it's time to switch.

Anyway, this whole thing is relevant because when I have to change Baby B in public, all of the bathroom changing tables are (understandably because of space constraints) the kind where you place the baby horizontally instead of vertically. I'm already a little self-conscious changing diapers in public because I want be quick about it--what stranger really wants to share in our dirty-diaper extravaganza?--but then I end up fumbling around, and having to contort myself to change her makes me look and feel even sillier! Some of these changing tables are positioned so you can stand on one end or the other and solve this dilemma, but many of them are not.

So, no real point to this other than to laugh at myself a bit. I figure no one can get through this new-mother thing sane without having a good sense of humor, and I definitely have that!


At July 18, 2007 11:06 PM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

How funny! Jimmy is the exact same way, and interestingly, I prefer to change her horizontally, her head to the right! Isn't it wonky how simple things like that can get tricky?

At July 19, 2007 5:55 PM, Blogger Somjam said...

D- you are so funny! With being a new mom I feel like everyone is watching me and judging me. I am like you and try to do things as fast as possible. I have to really pay attention to what I'm doing. I have to laugh at myself, I'm weird like that. Have fun and try to make it as fun as possible for you and them as well. If you laugh at yourself they'll laugh to. People wont know the difference. Good Post!!

At July 20, 2007 9:44 AM, Blogger Brandy said...

That's hilarious and I am the exact same way!! Aiden tends to get changed on our couch or in his pack & play changing area, which means he's vertical with his legs by mine. He does have a traditional changing table/dresser in his room but I think I've used it once since he still sleeps in our room. I HATE changing him in public and am definitely still getting used to the horizontal changing - although his head is usually at my left side, just seems to be the way he ends up. Good luck with the changing!


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