Monday, April 09, 2007

X-ray marks the spot

I took Baby B for her upper GI x-ray this morning, and things went well. I had to undress her and then feed her a bottle of the barium contrast while she was lying on the table and having the images taken. They said I could watch her swallowing the barium on the screen they had up, but I couldn't see it when I was in the position I needed to be in to feed her the bottle. I thought about trying to turn around for a brief look, but I was having to feed her on a table while she was on her side--not exactly an easy position for feeding when you've never had to do it like that before--so unfortunately I missed out. While she was drinking, a physician's assistant was watching the monitor to see what was happening.

He told me that the test did, in fact, confirm "quite a bit of reflux" but indicated no other stomach issues, so that's good. I was pretty confident we'd end up with an official diagnosis of reflux since the symptoms are so pronounced, but there was part of me that was nervous we'd get there and they'd say, "We have no idea what you're talking about. She has no indication of reflux at all. That's just how babies are...suck it up, woman." Thankfully I didn't have to hear that!

So, now I'm waiting to hear from the pediatrician, probably either today or tomorrow, about the official test report, and we'll discuss what we do from here, if anything. Something of note that I plan to bring up is the fact that she has not spit up when drinking her once-daily 2 ounces of Enfamil AR (which the pediatrician had us switch to as an experiment). I've also noticed she's been better (for the most part) about her reflux symptoms in the past few days when nursing, as well. So, that could potentially mean one of a few things: 1) the Zantac has started working again; 2) the onions in my diet were irritating her (though, I had chili with onions in it last night as a test, and she did fine); 3) she possibly has a milk protein allergy, as I've also tried cutting back on dairy in the past several days just in case that's the problem (this could also potentially explain her heat rash that I'm still not convinced is heat rash).

I'll keep you posted when I hear something.


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