Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One and the same

I think that having a dog, especially from a puppy stage, is good preparation for having a baby. They're not alike in every single way, of course, but they do have their similarities. We got our dog, a golden retriever, about a month after my miscarriage, and we had him housebroken fully within a week because I watched him like a hawk and took him outside--sometimes with me barefoot and in shorts when there was snow on the ground--the instant he made any sign that he was going to use the bathroom. It was exhausting for the first month, especially because I had to get up several times during the night to let him out, but the end result was good. We don't quite have Baby B housebroken yet (if only!), but she does have quite a few similarities to The Dog:

*They're both escape artists. The Dog escaped from a garage with his littermates several times when he was a puppy, and he routinely jumps just out of our reach if he's got something he's not supposed to have and we're trying to get it from him. Baby B can easily get out of regular blanket swaddles and the Swaddle Me--and sometimes even out of the Miracle Blanket.

*They're both long and skinny, definitely smaller compared to others their same age.

*They both L-O-V-E to sleep (thank god!).

*They both like to fart (and seem to have a contest between themselves to see who can do it more).

*Neither one of them cleans up their own poop.

*I'm convinced they both like to trick me into giving them baths. The Dog does it because he goes to the backyard and digs, and I have to wash his paws before he comes back inside, and Baby B does it by spitting up so much. They both like their baths so much that I'm beginning to think it's a setup!


At April 03, 2007 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The similarities are amazing! Just don't put the leash on the baby by accident!


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