Monday, April 09, 2007

The report is in

I heard from the doctor's office a few minutes ago, and their report wasn't any more detailed than what I was told this morning. She's confirmed to have reflux, but there are no obstructions or any other stomach problems. I mentioned the milk allergy thing, and the nurse suggested I keep onions in my diet for now and concentrate on limiting dairy for a week or so, and if she does well with that, then add it back in to see if it bothers her. If so, I'll need to call them back and we'll pursue it further. She said if there doesn't seem to be a correlation, then I can try the onion thing again while eating dairy as normal. She said it's more likely to be the onions than the milk (if it's either one of those), but she wanted me to try the milk thing first.

So yeah, we really don't know much more than we knew before.

And, in case you were wondering: Barium poop? Yeah, doesn't smell so great.


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