Friday, March 09, 2007

It takes three

After Serenity's recent visit and after having the help of my friend L for two or three evenings a week for the past six weeks, I think I've decided that parenting is ideally a three-person job! With a three-person crew, one person can be tending to the baby, one person can be tending to things that need to be done around the house, and one person can be resting up in anticipation of taking their turn with the baby. It seems like you could really get a nice system going with three people and have things down to a science after a few weeks. Of course, I'm sure if we had three people taking care of Baby B on a daily basis, we'd still think that wasn't enough and would think that four people is more ideal. Still, we make it work just fine with the two of us, and there are plenty of single parents out there who make it work with just themselves. Just an interesting thought I had.


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