Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News roundup

*Happy one-month birthday today to Baby B!

*I started pumping last week, and so far so good--but boy do I feel like I'm a cow being milked sometimes! I'm trying to get at least four ounces frozen every day so I can build up a supply in the freezer and to help keep up my current supply on top of nursing each time now.

*Why does it happen that every single time I have both of my hands occupied with the pump, something on my face (usually my nose) ends up itching like crazy?!

*Baby B slept for the first time in her crib this afternoon. It was only a 15-minute nap, but it's still a good step in eventually transitioning her from sleeping in the swing, which she still does every night. She won't be able to do that when she starts at daycare, so we definitely need to work on that.

*Baby B has started to enjoy her activity mat a little more recently now that she can focus on objects a little better. I definitely get some genuine smiles from her when we're playing together on the mat.


At February 28, 2007 10:55 PM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

Happy Birthday Baby B!

Good call on the pumping! I hadn't frozen nearly enough and now I'm pumping like mad to try and get enough to send with her to daycare each day. I'm afraid we may have to start incorporating formula (which we DO NOT want to do), that's why we're hoping she takes to the cereal sooner than later so we don't have to.


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