Friday, February 02, 2007

Bilirubin is a funny word

The doctor called a little while ago with Baby B's bilirubin number from this morning's blood draw: 14.4. So, that's good news that it's going down from 17 yesterday, and things look to be okay. We don't have to have any other follow-ups on this matter unless we notice her skin yellowing again. Her next regular appointment will be on February 14.

I had my first time away from Baby B last night when my best friend came over and watched her so The Husband and I could go out and do the grocery shopping and grab some dinner. I'm glad we had that first babyless outing pretty early on, because it might have been harder had we waited and grown even more attached before venturing out as a couple again. I did pretty good about not thinking about her and missing her until we were in the checkout line at the grocery store and I smelled my hands--which smelled like her. I think we did pretty good, though, even if it was only for about three hours.

Had a better night last night, with getting four hours of sleep in two two-hour stretches. It doesn't sound like much, but I feel incredibly refreshed. I'm looking forward to this weekend, since that means The Husband will be at home and can help me out with things. I think the first week went pretty well, especially considering I've been on my own during the day and he's had to sacrifice sleep while still going to work. We may figure out this whole baby thing after all. :)


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