Thursday, January 25, 2007

Humility, the sequel

Several of the co-workers in my department took me out for a luncheon/shower yesterday, and I am so touched by this. The service at the restaurant was probably the worst I've ever had (it shouldn't take 45 minutes for a group of 10 to get their drinks, then another 30 minutes for us to get our soup and salads, but at least we all got our meals free and will be getting multiple free entree coupons soon), but I tried to look at the bigger picture and not let that taint the experience.

My former supervisor was there as a surprise, and she got us a couple of the remaining things on our registry--in addition to a bag of coffee to help keep us awake during the night if we need it! :) My co-workers pooled their money and bought us a ton of little newborn toys (which we'd held off buying since I know a lot of people like to buy that kind of thing) in addition to a $100 gift card to Target for us to buy all those little things we may have forgotten to buy beforehand. I'm really overwhelmed with how much we got from them. I was also really touched reading the messages in the card they got me...such sweet, supportive things!

And it meant even more to me looking around the table at lunch and realizing that besides me, only one other person is married. Not implying, of course, that single people aren't thoughtful and giving, but they just might not be able to personally relate to what a big deal this is. So, even though I've complained about my co-workers in recent weeks, they really came through on this.


At January 25, 2007 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwww, D that's GREAT! What a sweet and kind gesture. :)


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