Monday, January 15, 2007

A collection of news and notes

*My tummy finally got hard over the weekend, which makes it even more difficult for me to sit in my chair at work and lean over like I need to in order to read my magazine pages. I try to sit back as much as I can, but I can't always do that.

*Baby B is lying mostly on my right side, enough that I can tell it's lumpier and harder over there and not as much on my left side. It's not uneven enough for others to notice, really, but I certainly do.

*We saw some of The Husband's friends this weekend, and they said that I looked good and they'd never guess that I was less than a month from my due date. I have to admit: I love that I don't look as far along as I am.

*The Husband's dad very generously offered to buy most of what was left on our registry (not a ton of stuff, but more than I expected they would do) since they wanted to buy us a rocker/glider, but we just don't have the room for it. I love that they did that, but now I'm having to add a few more items to the registry because my shower isn't until this weekend! (I know a lot of people don't buy from the registry anyway, but I want there to be options just in case.)

*Most of the people in my department are men, and I've been very touched that several of them have asked me general questions about how I'm doing, when my leave starts, etc., over the past few days.

*I am so not motivated to do anything at work. And some of the crap that I've had to deal with lately there hasn't help on that front.


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