Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring

I had my shower yesterday afternoon, and it was a lot of fun! There are so many close friends I have who live out of town who just weren't able to make it (understandably), but having them there is the only thing that would have made it better. :) Plus I was left with all the food leftovers--including a chocolate cheesecake that puts most other cheesecakes to shame.

I don't work today (I'm off today and have to work tomorrow instead), so I'll spend the day washing baby stuff, putting things away, and working on my thank-you notes (which I've been good about keeping up with since I don't want to get behind on it then forget later once a baby arrives and things get more hectic).

Not much else to report. I've got a definite waddle at times (usually after sitting or lying down for a while) and my lower back aches quite a bit. But overall, I do feel pretty good, so I feel thankful for that. Next appointment is Wednesday afternoon.


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