Friday, December 15, 2006

Foreign words

The Husband and I went to visit a friend and her newborn baby last night, and a couple other people were there visiting, as well. My friend's husband was being polite and offered us something to drink--"Pepsi, water, beer, anything?" My friend laughed and said, "She can't drink beer!" He said he forgot and we all got a nice chuckle over that, but one of the other visitors didn't get why that was funny and asked about it. I said, "Because I'm pregnant," and this girl looked shocked. She asked how far along I was, and when I said 32 weeks and due in early February, she was even more floored. I stood up and showed what belly I have, and she still couldn't believe I was due so soon. She actually called me tiny! LOL I've NEVER been called tiny in my life (and probably never will again!)--what a foreign concept! She said, "Well, girl, keep up whatever you've been doing because you look fantastic." It's nice when I hear that from people I know, but there's something even better about hearing it from someone that I just met. Definitely helps during those grumpy guts days.


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