Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey, Mr. Gall Bladder, are you in there?

I had an ultrasound this morning to look at my gall bladder (and the abdomen in general) to see if that's what was causing the recent pains I've had. I have a family history of gall bladder problems, so it will not surprise me if I do. The ultrasound tech was not able to say anything as she performed the test, so I have no idea what the findings were. (I was not able to see the screen, either, though it's not like I'd know what it was supposed to look like!). I did hear the assistant comment to the tech that she could see the baby in there when they were looking at something else, but that's about all the comments I got from them. They said my doctor should have the report by Wednesday, so I'm guessing we'll go over it at my next appointment a week from today.

I threw up this morning because I didn't have any food in my stomach (because I had to fast after midnight for the test), but the two days before that were pretty good. We were able to celebrate our one-year anniversary without me having to run to puke. Ah, the little things I'm thankful for. I've felt a little off this afternoon, but it's still much better than I was this morning.


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