Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sweet, sweet relief

As expected, the Emetrol did nothing for me, so I called the doctor again this afternoon. I figured they would start me on a lesser medicine first, so I nearly cried with joy when she said she was calling in a script for Zofran. I've only taken one dose of it so far, but I'm already on the "Zofran is a miracle drug" bandwagon that I'd read about. Within 10 minutes, I started feeling noticeably better, and while I'm still not at 100% right now (probably because I'm so drained), I feel more human than I have in two weeks. I was able to eat a real dinner--albeit not that much since I still have a small appetite--and don't have even close to an urge to throw up, which was a constant feeling all week long. The difference of before and after is like night and day, and I hope that keeps up.

I'm very thankful that my insurance does cover Zofran. I've read that it's one of the most expensive non-cancer drugs dispensed. My insurance will only cover 12 pills for each $20 copay, but the note on my receipt says that my insurance saved me $357.99. That puts the retail cost at $31.50 per pill. (Here's hoping I don't throw any of them up!) That's quite a price, but so far the pill is all it's been hyped up to be, so it'd be well worth the cost even without insurance.

Keep your fingers crossed that the medicine continues to help me in the coming weeks.


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