Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just say no to cold showers

I've been feeling pretty normal for the most part this weekend, with the exception of when I slept in a couple hours today and didn't take my pill at the usual time, then ended up throwing up not too long after my shower. Whoops! It wasn't too bad and I recovered just fine.

I have to say, I'm so glad the medicine has allowed me to feel better because I was starting to miss my normal hot showers. (What a silly thing to think of!) I can't stand to take cold showers (for the most part, unless I've been working up a sweat on a hot summer day), but I had to when I was feeling nauseated because the heat from the shower would make things worse. Ah, the little things I appreciate now. Nevermind the puking--I want my hot showers! I'm so weird sometimes.


At June 27, 2006 6:40 AM, Blogger serenity said...

You have hereby been "tagged" and must respond within 72 hours or you shall be turned into a newt!

"A newt?"

"I got better..."


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