Saturday, September 15, 2007

Head of the class

We got a note on Friday from Baby B's daycare that she's been chosen as the Student of the Week for the week of September 24. This is something new they've recently started, and I was so excited at first because I thought, "Oh, wow, they must really love her if they picked her among the first." It was a little later that I laughed at myself and realized that they're probably just going in alphabetical order (the student chosen first has a last name beginning with A, and ours starts with B).

Anyway, on the morning of the 24th (the beginning of "her" week), we're supposed to bring in "a poster board filled with pictures of [Baby B] and everyone (and/or everything) that they love." The poster will be displayed in her classroom for her week, then they'll be displayed in the hallway for another week. I wouldn't really consider myself a creative person in general, but I'm actually excited about tackling this project. When I ran errands tonight, I picked up some scrapbooking stickers and cardstock to use along with our pictures. If it turns out okay, I'll try taking a picture of it to post here.


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