Friday, September 07, 2007

Chunkers...Baby Chunkers

In Baby B's daycare class, there's another baby there--we'll call her Baby Chunkers--who is just four days younger than Baby B. It's amazing to see all the differences between the two of them and realize just how unique each baby is, even when they're very close in age. I call Baby Chunkers that because she has got to be twice the size of Baby B, who is pretty long and narrow. Okay, she's not really twice her size by weight, but she looks like she ate Baby B (and one or two of the other babies in the class). She's quite similar to the Weebles (remember them? They wobble, but they don't fall down) and as a result is very good at sitting up on her own because she's quite Yoda-like. Baby Chunkers cries every time someone else is getting a bottle because she wants it, and she isn't very active despite the teachers' efforts. Baby B is quite the opposite and is very active most of the day, always kicking, always laughing, always trying to crawl around--yet she's still a little wobbly when sitting up on her own (at least compared to Baby Chunkers), which Baby Chunkers has mastered. Each baby has certain things that they excel at, and it's fantastic to have a kid so close to Baby B's age to help remind us of that, but without letting ourselves get too much into the whole "my baby is better than your baby" thing (even if she is!).


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