Sunday, August 26, 2007

Guest Post: Bully baby

Along with Baby B's new expertise in rolling around comes an awkward extra mobility in the lap. After finishing her bottle, she used to fall asleep on our chests; now she twists around to look at us and coo and smile and play. Which is wonderful! Except that the little doll has also recently discovered that Daddy wears glasses, and glasses are really fun to play with. I constantly have to stop her from yanking them off my face, especially when she's flipped over to play after a meal.

Tonight she devised an aggressive strategy to get the glasses: swing a little baby fist and sock Daddy right on the nose; while he's stunned for a second, snag the specs! Actually, she was probably just reaching for the bridge of the glasses first, missed, and try again, but the long and short of it is she punched me in nose and stole my glasses. What a little bully! I guess I need to warn the daycare.


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