Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pass the tissues!

One of the hazards of having a child in daycare, of course, is passing various illnesses among each other--not just the kids, but the parents and teachers, too. Prior to getting a cold back in mid-April (right before Baby B started daycare, so that wasn't the culprit then), it'd been almost two years since my last cold. My last cold before that was two years earlier. However, I'm at the beginning of my third cold since returning to work just four months ago, not coincidentally after Baby B started with a runny nose on Sunday night.

Thankfully she has no further symptoms this time, though I'm sure I won't be as lucky. I'm sure part of it is because my immune system is a bit compromised because I'm still nursing, so my body can't fight off these colds like usual. And part of it is because of the daycare exposure and the fact that even though I kiss Baby B less when either of us is sick, it's impossible not to exchange germs at some point. The kind of good thing about me being sick and nursing her is that it boosts her immunity to what I have, so I try to keep that in mind as I reach for the tissues to blow my nose yet again.


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