Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A mover and a shaker

Baby B's making strides (lame semi-word play intended) in the crawling department this week, utilizing a modified crawl/lunge/scoot to make her way in a general forward direction. She also started taking an interest in the cabinet handles on the bottom of the armoire that holds the TV and other electronics in the living room, so it looks like it's time to install some of the cabinet locks and strap the big furniture to the walls. We got the new outlet covers installed a few days ago, so we're slowly getting the house ready for Mobile Baby B.


Baby B has this funny thing that she does when she takes a bite of something she really likes or when she's doing something else she really seems to be enjoying...her whole upper body will shiver as though she just felt a cold draft, and then she'll give a quick smile. Makes me laugh every time.


At August 22, 2007 5:36 PM, Blogger Somjam said...

How cute!! I am so looking forward to starting solids. Baby B is growing so quick and she'll be up before we know it. Get ready mom!!



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