Monday, August 20, 2007

Got milk?

(Okay, it's a super-simple, easy title for this post, but one I couldn't resist.)

I've noticed a decent-sized drop in my milk supply over the past month or so. Baby B seems to be getting enough when I nurse her, but when I pump, I'm getting about half (sometimes less) of what I used to get. I've tried some of the home remedies to increase milk supply, including oatmeal (which I eat every morning now) and fenugreek (which smells a little like toffee). I know my body's just adjusting to what she needs, but I still should be better about drinking water throughout the day; most of my water consumption is at night because I hate drinking a lot at work and having to go pee every hour.

I'm still getting a decent(ish) amount of milk when I pump, and I've still got a fantastic milk supply in the freezer that should last for months even if my milk completely dried up today, but the idea of my supply being lower makes me a little sad because it reminds me that my time nursing is finite. Much to my surprise, I've really enjoyed nursing, and part of me dreads when it's time to wean, which I still plan to do around a year old; for many reasons, I am not comfortable nursing much longer than that.


At August 20, 2007 7:34 PM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

Ugh, that drop in milk supply is definitely a reminder that it doesn't last forever. And since I haven't nursed in so long, I've almost completely forgotten what it was like, and for that reason, I miss it. I miss that connection, it's different now.

It's great that you have such a large stash!!


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