Saturday, December 23, 2006

95% liquid

For a while now, I've noticed a significant reduction in my filling capacity when I eat. And it's funny...I'll be eating and feeling just fine, then in an instant, I become miserably, groan-out-loud full. And sometimes it's just the opposite, to where I won't feel hungry at all, then all of a sudden, BAM!, I'm starving.

But what seems to affect me even more is the fact that I'm very thirsty a lot of the time, and so I drink a lot of liquids...which fills up my already squished stomach and doesn't leave much room for food. I'm pretty sure that most days, especially in the evenings (when I get the most thirsty), my stomach is 95% liquid. It's hard to finish a meal when I've already had four glasses of whatever I'm drinking by the time my food is ready!


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