Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Making progress at 23 weeks

We got the nursery painted this weekend, and it looks fantastic! I love the color even more than I originally did. Once the room is completely finished, I'll post pictures, though I know it won't come out looking as good as it does in person. We'll probably have to use pink for most of our accents (more than I'd originally intended), I think, because I'm already finding it hard to match up things to the shade of green we have. Ah well.

The crib arrived yesterday evening, and we got that put together pretty easily last night. The blinds and the dresser should arrive today, then it'll be more a matter of decorating with shelves, mirros, artwork, etc. and putting those finishing touches in there. I don't plan on anything really elaborate, but it'll just be a matter of finding what I have in mind. I don't want it to look too "babyish," if that makes sense.

I think my weight gain is a little deceptive this week since I'm pretty sure I single-handedly ate a sumo wrestler's body weight in homemade wedding cookies last night! I said right before bed last night, "WHY did I eat all these when I know I'm weighing myself in the morning?!" LOL What a silly girl I can be sometimes. But boy do they taste good! I'll have to be better the rest of the week, though.

Weight loss/gain:
3w5d starting weight
5w (-1.2 pounds)
6w (-3 pounds, -4.2 pounds total)
7w (-2.4 pounds, -6.6 pounds total)
8w (-1 pound, -7.6 pounds total)
9w (-2 pounds, -9.6 pounds total)
10w (-2.6 pounds, -12.2 pounds total)
11w (+1 pound, -11.2 pounds total)
12w (+3.6 pounds, -7.6 pounds total)
13w (+1.0 pound, -6.6 pounds total)
14w (+1.2 pounds, -5.4 pounds total)
15w (+3.4 pounds, -2 pounds total)
16w (+2.0 pounds, no change total)
17w (+2.0 pounds, +2.0 pounds total)
18w1d (+2.0 pounds, +4.0 pounds total)
19w (-1.0 pound, +3.0 pounds total)
20w (-0.4 pounds, +2.6 pounds total)
21w (+1.4 pounds, +4.0 pounds total)
22w (-0.4 pounds, +3.6 pounds total)
23w (+3.4 pounds, +7.0 pounds total)


At October 10, 2006 11:04 AM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

If it looks good, smells good and tastes good, EAT IT! I wouldn't buy into the "eating for two" philosophy, but certainly indulge when the feeling comes over you. It's part of being prego!


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