Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Second-trimester territory at 14 weeks

Though there is some debate about when exactly the second trimester starts (anywhere from 12 weeks to 14 weeks is mentioned), I'm definitely into that territory as I hit 14 weeks today. It still feels like a foreign concept to be this far, but I'm mostly relieved to be at this point. We "play doppler" about every other night or so, and last night things were still sounding great, so I'm beginning to feel more confidence that this may just work out. The heartbeat is still up in the 160s, though the little one does like to play "stay away from the doppler" some days.

I'm up an additional 1.2 pounds this week, but still at a net loss of 5.4 pounds. My pants feel a little tighter today, so new pants may be just around the corner. I'm still throwing up occasionally (about once every other day), though it's significantly better than it was before. I presented my maternity leave plan to my two supervisors today, and now the last step is to share the news with everyone else, which I'll do at our department meeting tomorrow morning (so I can tell many people at once). I figure I'll rely on word of mouth (and probably not mine) beyond that.

Weight loss/gain:
3w5d starting weight
5w (-1.2 pounds)
6w (-3 pounds, -4.2 pounds total)
7w (-2.4 pounds, -6.6 pounds total)
8w (-1 pound, -7.6 pounds total)
9w (-2 pounds, -9.6 pounds total)
10w (-2.6 pounds, -12.2 pounds total)
11w (+1 pound, -11.2 pounds total)
12w (+3.6 pounds, -7.6 pounds overall)
13w (+1.0 pound, -6.6 pounds overall)
14w (+1.2 pounds, -5.4 pounds overall)


At August 08, 2006 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.
You are so considerate of people, I really admire that. When I gave my maternity leave I was like, "listen, I ain't workin' if I don't feel like it. You got a problem with that?!?" I might have been a little hormonal when I gave my leave but oh well! I knew I wasn't going to work again after the baby so I really didn't care what went on at work. Is that a bad thing? (devilish grin...)

At August 09, 2006 8:14 AM, Blogger serenity said...

Yay second trimester! I hope it continues to be "smooth sailing" from now until you bring your new baby home!

EEEEE - you're pregnant!!! :)

At August 09, 2006 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, you've made it through the first trimester! I found the second to be most enjoyable or rather, the least miserable.

If you wish to share your experiences or have general questions about pregnancy, or my personal favorite, simply ranting about the woes or pregnancy, here's a forum I've found helpful.


At August 09, 2006 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the most comfortable time during pregnancy. I am so glad you have reached this point! I think it is great of you to be so concerned with how others will react to your news, but don't let that dim your enthusiasm! You can still be excited on the inside.
I hope you get to have as joyful a pregnancy as I did!


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