Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another checkmark

After much needless agonizing and nervousness this afternoon, I finally met with my human resources director to make the news known to her and to go over leave benefits and my plans for leave next year. I don't know why I was so nervous...probably because I've kept it in for so long. I shut the door to her office and before I even sat down, she said, "So I hear congrats are in order for you." Only two people knew--my two supervisors--so at least one of them spilled the beans. I'm not sure if they told only her (if so, not a big deal since HR has to keep stuff confidential), or if some others know, as well. Way to keep a secret, guys.

Anyway, I presented my plan to her and she thought I had things pretty well covered. As of right now, assuming no complications, I plan to work up until my due date, or my last day will be February 9, whichever comes first. That will allow me to return to the office in time for one of our most important Sundays of the year. We talked about a few other things I needed to know and she made some small talk about the baby, but that's about it. So, check that off the list. Now I just have to tell the rest of my co-workers (will do that early next week) and then it's all out in the open. I'm not looking forward to all the attention, plus I'm just nervous about how others around here will take the news...I don't know their personal situations to know if they're having trouble conceiving and are going to be secretly resentful of me. I don't want them to feel like I'm rubbing it in their faces or anything, though I think most people who know me would know that I'm not like that. I guess I'm just sensitive to people in that position and don't want to make things harder for them than it may already be.


At August 03, 2006 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. When I was pregnant with Austin there was a girl that worked at the desk RIGHT BESIDE ME that had tried for years and years to conceive. She got pregnant once and had a miscarriage and couldn't conceive after that. Every week she went to the doctor for more and more tests. She ended up having the estrogen level of a post menopausal woman and she was only 25. It was heartbreaking. I hated to tell her I was pregnant and of course the bigger I got the harder it was to not notice it. But she was really awesome about it, she always asked me how the doctor's visits were going and she even planned my baby shower at work. It was really nice and I wasn't forthcoming with information unless she asked.

BUT, at the job I had before that, three girls got pregnant in the same two week span and I was the only one that had a miscarriage. One of the girls that was pregnant would ALWAYS tell me how terrible she felt and she would come back from the restroom and say, "could you hear me throw up out here?" WTF?!? She showed me EVERY single unltrasound picture and her names list and all the baby prep stuff. And to be honest I really didn't care and there's some things I don't need to know or even care to know. I don't have to know every single detail of a co-workers baby. We weren't even close before she got pregnant. Then once she conceived it was like she was so much better than me because she didn't lose her baby. What a @#*&^. Even if I wouldn't have had a miscarriage I could have cared less about her new breast pump she got. So I've been on both sides of the fence. Be polite when people ask but don't announce it over the loud speaker and act like you're the only one who has ever been pregnant.


At August 04, 2006 9:31 AM, Blogger serenity said...

I think you are so freaking sweet about worrying about other people's reaction. I second Beth's comment - that as long as you're not one of those 'Oh, let's talk about my shower!' kind of gals (which you're not!) then you don't have to worry too much about it.


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