Monday, August 07, 2006

Didn't we already go through this?

Long story short: I'm having more problems with my insurance company covering the Zofran. I don't feel like rehashing everything here, but the basic idea is that the insurance company is saying that they have no record of me having a prior authorization for the medicine, even though I HAVE THE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER and was told it was good through the end of September. I don't need it as badly as last time this happened, but I'm still needing to take it in the mornings so I'm okay during the day. I'm down to taking it just once a day instead of twice a day, but they're wanting to give me just 20 pills during a 30-day span--not enough. I've gotten things taken care of for this refill, but what a headache this is. And, I know, hopefully soon I won't even need it anymore and this issue is a pointless one, but it's still one I have to deal with for now.


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Insurance companies are so frustrating! Especially, since you have already gone through this issue. I hope that it is resolved quickly.

Nikki :)


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