Saturday, September 22, 2007

Post-fever musings

*I'm feeling much, much better today, with just a hint of soreness to my throat being my only current symptom. However, having a high-grade fever for three days has taken a toll on my milk supply and it's quite a bit lower than it was before. I'm trying to drink as much as I can to keep hydrated and help it rebound, but I'm not sure if it's going to help. My freezer supply is still excellent at this point, so Baby B will be getting milk for a while, but a big part of what I like about breastfeeding is getting to feed her myself, and it seems like those days may be more limited than I realized. Or, maybe not and I'm just being paranoid. I think I'm just trying to prepare myself for that inevitable day, whether it happens sooner or later.

*Speaking of milk, I recently found out that I'm going to be losing my locked room where I pump twice a day at work when that interview and testing room is turned into someone's office. My HR person assures me she's looking into other options, but I honestly don't know what she'll come up with that offers privacy besides the one-person bathroom in the basement. If I have to do that, I guess I could, but I'd rather switch to pumping just once during the day and just do it at home on my lunch break. I'm not going to be telling her that, though. I'm also not going to tell her that I'll need a place to pump for just four more months or so (at the may not be worth it to pump much longer at work if this supply thing continues). If I tell her that, I'm afraid she won't take it as seriously and won't work to find me a spot.

*Since we were all feeling pretty well today, we loaded up in the car and made a shopping trip with the goal of buying fall/winter coats and shoes for Baby B. Our favorite gal had no shoes for a couple of reasons. One, I don't really see the point of shoes on babies before they're able to walk, especially in the summertime. Two, she's such a kicker that she takes socks off her feet within seconds of us putting them on, so there was really no point to shoes, either. She was happier without shoes, and there was no real point to have them, so we skipped them. But, we're coming upon cooler weather soon, and she can't go barefoot when she shovels our snow. Wait, I mean when she goes to school.

Our shopping trip was successful, and we found a cute brown coat appropriate for fall, an adorable hooded brown coat appropriate for winter, two pair of brown shoes, and one pair of pink shoes. With the exception of the pink shoes, everything we got was neutral on purpose just so it would go with pretty much anything. (Not that I'm overly concerned about "matching" with a baby, but I just thought it was going to look better.) We also picked up a few new toys, including a Taggies Clickety Twist rattle because she adores tags on everything and a DiscoverSounds universal remote control because she's so interested in our remotes (I like this one because it teaches numbers and phrases in three different languages).

*I recently realized that we had a fleecy sleep sack I'd picked up last winter, but we never used it because Baby B was too tiny. With it being cooler in the evenings now (well, for the most part), we've needed a way to keep Baby B warmer because she'd been waking up with cold tootsies. We tried this Carter's sleep sack and she loved it immediately. You should see the huge smile on her face every time we put her in it. (I like to call her a Sack o' Baby when she's wearing it.) A couple days ago, I found an auction on eBay for a set of five of these sleepers, and I had the winning (and only) bid of $10, so hopefully those will be on the way to us next week. A couple of them are "boy" colors (blues), but I seriously don't care about that. Sleep sacks that I got for $2 each compared to the $13 they charge at the store? Yeah, it can be whatever color!


At September 24, 2007 2:09 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

I totally understand the pumping dilemma. I work in a cubicle and one of the ladies in the office lets me use her locked office 3 times a day to pump. Usually I can get one time in before she even gets to work but the other two can be difficult. I did have an office I could use until they decided to give it to someone else (less senior to me - SO annoying). Anyway, good luck with them finding somewhere for you!


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