Friday, May 25, 2007

Overheard at the changing table

Who: Me and Baby B
What: Our conversation
When: This morning
Where: At the changing table
Why: Because we're silly!


Me: [singing] Momma's little baby loves shortenin', shortenin'. Momma's little baby loves shortenin' bread!

Baby B: [big smile]

Me: Hey, wait a minute! Where'd you get shortenin' bread?

Baby B: [big smile and a little laugh]

Me: [singing] Momma's little baby--[end singing]--How do you even know what shortenin' bread is? Mommy doesn't even know what that is!

Baby B: [big smile and a little laugh]

Me: [singing] Momma's little--[end singing]--Do they feed you that at school instead of your bottles? I might need to have a talk with them about this!

Baby B: [big, surprised laugh]

Me: Or is it in your daddy milk at night? (That's what we call formula...daddy milk.)

Baby B: [high-pitched screech/laugh]

Me: Does The Dog give you shortenin' bread? Is that what he does all day at home, make shortenin' bread? I had a feeling he was up to something!

Baby B: [big smile]

Me: [singing] Momma's little baby loves cheesecake, cheesecake. Momma's little baby loves cheesecake in her head.

Baby B: [big smile]

Me: Now that's my girl!


At May 25, 2007 4:09 PM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

Too cute! I envision this conversation in the high-pitched mommy voice too, right?! Cool-


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