Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swaddle she do without it?

The Miracle Blanket is my favorite baby product of all, hands down. Baby B was able to get out of so many blanket swaddles when she was first born--she's quite the escape artist--but then I tried the Miracle Blanket that my sister had bought me after successfully using it with my niece, and she was able to sleep very well. I'm convinced that's about 80% of the reason she's been sleeping through the night ever since she was 5 1/2 weeks old.

Most swaddled babies end up transitioning out of it between two and four months. Baby B is fast approaching the four-month mark, and she's almost too long for the Miracle Blanket, yet we still swaddle her each night because she's not really shown many signs that she's ready to sleep without it.

However, I decided a couple nights ago to put her to bed without her swaddling blanket at all--some suggest swaddling first with one arm out to test readiness, then graduate to no swaddle--just to see what happened. If I could get her to sleep even an hour in her crib without it, then I'd call it a good step in the right direction. When we transitioned her from her swing to her crib at night, she hadn't given any readiness signs, but we just gave it a try and it ended up going really well. I figured I'd give this a shot and just not set my expectations too high. It took about 45 minutes and going into her room every ten minutes to turn on the mobile and her crib aquarium sounds, but she finally got to sleep and slept just 20 minutes before crying and not wanting to get back to sleep. I swaddled her, rocked her for literally 30 seconds, then put her down and she zonked out. Miracle, indeed.

She's adorable when she's sleeping all bundled up in her swaddle, but truth be told, I can't wait for her to sleep without it so she can end up in all those cute sleeping positions that babies inevitably make it to. It's thinking about times like those that make me wish we had a video monitor in her room. (Incidentally, we've looked into video monitors for her room, but there aren't many that are digital that have gotten good reviews. One analog monitor has GREAT reviews, but the signal could easily be picked up by someone using the same monitor near our house. Someone hearing our conversations over the monitor doesn't bother me nearly as much as someone seeing every move that Baby B makes in her crib.)


At May 24, 2007 2:00 PM, Blogger Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog.

Once the baby comes, I'm getting a maid, so I won't have to worry about housework anymore. :-)

At May 24, 2007 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you'll find she does great without it once you quit. I talked to the Miracle Blanket company when I was afraid my daughter might never get over the blanket and what they told me was spot on: They said to quit cold turkey and put up with about two or three nights of fussiness due to my baby not liking change, and then on the third or fourth night they said it would be like somebody "flipped a switch" and she would forget all about it. I didn't believe them, but I tried it and it was on the fourth night that she started sleeping as well without it as she did with it. The guy at the company told me that they think it's because babies forget about the blanket after a few days but remember the good sleep habits they learned in it. Whatever the reason, I love the Miracle Blanket and I love that my daughter's sleeps fine without it now. (It's been three months, and she's still sleeping like a beautiful little baby.) :)

At May 25, 2007 4:11 PM, Blogger BellaLovesPink said...

From the day Avery was born, she never liked the swaddle, but we've had good luck without it and she sleeps really well.

Sending sleeping ((((vibes)))) for you and Husband once you've kicked the swaddle habit.


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