Thursday, May 03, 2007

The babymoon

Remember that feeling of being a newlywed? When you're so happy to be with this wonderful person that you love, and you adore each other so much that even a small time apart can make you desperately want to see your love, even if it's just to give a quick kiss and then resume what you were doing before?

That is how I feel about Baby B.

I feel like I'm on my "babymoon." (Note: This is a term that some people call that last vacation you take as a couple before their bundle of joy comes along, but I think the babymoon should be in reference to that special time after your new arrival joins the family.)

I can't even begin to list all the things I love about her. I love the look in her eyes when she's nursing and she just knows that she's receiving what she needs to survive from me. I love when she scrunches up her nose and shrugs her shoulders as she laughs at a silly face I make. I love how she burrows her head into my shoulder when she's upset. I love to watch her learning new things about the big world around her. I love that time in the morning right after I've woken her up and she's still sleepy and stretchy and she presses herself against my chest. I love how she can go from crying to laughing in an instant. I love our time as a family of three, but I especially love our alone time as mother and daughter.

This feeling of love keeps getting stronger each day as I learn more and more about this wonderful person. If she loves me even just half as much as I love her, then I'm a fortunate woman.


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