Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just a couple things that make me smile

*I absolutely love to watch The Husband interacting with Baby B. To watch him firmly rock her to sleep, delicately put her down for a nap after she dozed off in his arms, or dutifully change her diaper--all of it melts my heart.

*It gives me great joy when Baby B is crying and I can make her smile just by making silly faces or making funny noises with my mouth.

*It cracks me up when The Dog gets all lovey with Baby B. He adores her, and he's such a good "big brother."

*I like to look down at Baby B when she's nursing and imagine what she'll be like when she's older. Not as much things like what she'll look like--though I do ponder that--but more what kind of personality she'll have, if she'll be a good student, and what she'll want to do when she grows up. She's starting with a clean slate right now, with her whole life ahead of her. So much potential, and so much time to make good things happen!


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