Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A day late on the zombie thing

I don't really know what zombies feel like on a day-to-day basis, but I suspect it's not far off from what I'm feeling right now. A combination of issues disrupted my sleep more than normal last night, and I'm feeling the effects of it this morning. Some of the oh-so-wonderful things that conspired to keep me awake for half the night included (in no particular order):

*waking up to pee about twice an hour

*sneezing and sinus pressure from either allergies or (more likely) sinus issues

*back pain around 3 a.m. that I was terrifed was going to go into a gallstone attack (that's how they've all started), but thankfully it didn't go that far and the Tylenol kicked in to take care of it

*my mind racing, thinking of all the stuff we need to buy and do in the coming months (including Christmas) and not sure how we're going to pay for it all

*a snoring husband (usually not too much of an annoyance unless the things listed above are already bothering me)

I say this at least once a day, but I'm going to bed extra early tonight. And this time I really mean it!


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