Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I've been tagged by Serenity

5 Items in my Fridge:
1. sweet tea
2. KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce
3. pineapple
4. yogurt
5. celery

5 Items in my Closet:
1. wedding dress
2. frequently used office supplies
3. organizer filled with old bills and other things that don't need to be in the safe
4. sheets
5. shoes

5 Items in my Car:
1. leather gloves (still need to take them out...not gonna need them soon)
2. Sunny D bottle filled with water for the dog (we use it when taking him to the dog park)
3. plastic grocery bags
4. an egg timer (don't ask)
5. sunglasses

5 Items in my Purse:
1. a spoon (don't ask)
2. small spiral notepad
3. a banana
4. husband's spare car keys
5. combination brush/mirror

Um, not sure who I'm going to tag because this blog is pretty new and I don't really know other people doing one (not anyone I've told about the pregnancy at this point, anyway). If I think of anyone, I'll update here.


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